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When Companionship Is More Important Than Eating

Another Touching Story of An Odd Animal Friendship – Wolf and Donkey.

In 2007, a European wolf was captured in the mountains of Albania.  The poachers who captured the wolf decided to feed the wolf an old, abused donkey that no longer had any value to them.  However, the donkey was more important to the imprisoned wolf as a companion than as a meal, and the two became fast friends.

When the public learned about their friendship and plight from Albanian television, thousands of people wrote to the Albanian government asking that the animals be freed.  Yielding to the incredible pressure, the Albanian government demanded that the wolf be released.  The donkey was moved to a green pasture and locals reported that the wolf would occasionally pass by to visit his old friend.


The Ministry of Environment in Albania issued the following notice on their website :

The Ministry of Environment, Forests and Water Administration would like
to inform that Mr. Rrok Hoti (Kurbin region) has released the Wolf Canis lupus in the forestry economy Mal-Bardhe (Kurbin region).

The Forestry Service Directorate of Lac in its letter Nr. 90 on 06/06/07 informs that the release of the Wolf took place after the communication with Mr. Hoti that the imprisonment of the wolf violates the acts 20, 21 and 23 of the Law Nr. 9587, on 20.07.2006 “For the preservation of
biodiversity”. Furthermore the imprisonment violates also the acts of
Regulation Nr. 1 on 23.02.2005 “For the protection, management of wildlife and hunting” in accordance with the Law nr. 7875 on 23.11.1994 “For the protection of wildlife and hunting”.


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