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Injured Eagle, Pelican and Toucan Receive New 3-D Beaks

A Tale of Three 3-D Beaks (and a Leg)…

See how the ingenuity of scientists, engineers, and dentists led to the creation of nylon polymer beaks that helped to rehabilitate an Idaho bald eagle shot in the face, a Chinese pelican injured in a suspected courtship fight and a Brazilian Toucan who slammed into a window.

In 2005, Beauty, an American Bald Eagle was so badly injured by a shotgun blast to her face, that wildlife rehabilitators considered euthanizing her.  Without her upper mandible, she couldn’t feed herself or preen her feathers.  Then mechanical engineer Nate Calvin became involved, creating a bionic beak using aerospace modelling software and a 3-D printer.  Starting from scratch, and figuring things out as he went along, 18 months later he had a prototype.  Watch as Beauty has her life transformed with the attachment of her new beak by Nate’s own personal dentist…


The First Chinese 3D Beak

In May of 2015, staff at the Dalian Forest Zoo in Northern China noticed that a male member of their flock of 12 White Pelicans had been seriously injured in a courtship fight with the other pelicans.   The injury was so serious that the upper beak was hanging by a thread.  As with Beauty, the bald eagle, without the upper mandible, the pelican was unable to eat or preen its feathers and was being bullied by the other pelicans due to his deformity.

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