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Can You Guess What This Is?


a new type of cloth, 10 times as strong as nylon when dried.

A demonstration of the amazing strength of dehydrated hagfish slime can be seen here starting at 03:26 minutes in:

Other Uses of Hagfish Slime

Other proposed uses of hagfish slime are as a thickening agent for such things as eggnog, as an agent to staunch bleeding in an accident victim during surgery, since the mucus would expand upon contact with the victim’s blood, and in military applications, such as clogging the propeller blade of an enemy vessel.


Hagfish Slime Scones

And if the video of the wriggling komjangeo didn’t gross you out enough, because hagfish slime is similar in chemical composition to egg whites, it can be used as a substitute for egg whites in baking.  Of course, knowing this, any creative marine biology student is going to have their mind go wild.  And that is just what happened at the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre in British Columbia.  Students baked two batches of scones, one with egg whites and one with hagfish slime.  Supposedly, their fellow students could not tell the difference.

Should you have access to hagfish slime and feel the desire to replicate the experiment, you can apparently take any scone recipe that calls for egg whites and replace the whites with the same quantity of slime.  Happy baking! 🙂


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