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A Recycling Machine That Feeds Homeless Animals

A Turkish Company Solves Two Problems with One Machine.

Turkish inventor Engin Girgin has come up with a clever solar-powered vending machine that accepts bottles, cans and even empty detergent and shampoo bottles, and dispenses food and water for homeless animals in return.  The value of the recycled containers covers the cost of the pet food.  Engin used to feed and vaccinate stray dogs and clean trash from the streets, so his idea to clean up trash and save the environment while providing for homeless animals that roam city streets seems like a natural one.  His company Pugedon manufactures the machines, and according to the company website, these ingenious machines have been deployed in 70 municipalities in Turkey and in 28 other countries around the world, including Mexico, Qatar, Cypress, Greece, France, Belgium and South Africa.

Here is a video showing the vending machine in action on the streets of Istanbul.  Filling the recycle bin feeds stray animals for free.


And here is a promotional cartoon for the vending machine.


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