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Saving Sloths in Suriname

Monique Pool Lives a Slothified Life.

  “Slothified (adj.)

1. Overwhelmed by sloths

2. Overwhelmed by sloths – so tired after catching sloths all day that you don’t want to get out of bed

3. Overwhelmed by the cuteness of sloths (baby sloths in particular)

4. Overwhelmed by sloth lovers”

Monique Pool has been rescuing sloths in her home country of Suriname for the past 10 years. Suriname is a small country in Northeastern South America plagued by deforestation near urban areas that leaves numerous sloths homeless, orphaned and injured.

Monique fell into her calling by accident after contacting the Suriname Animal Protection Society in search of her lost dog.  The animal rescue center didn’t have her dog, but they did have an orphaned sloth that they didn’t know how to care for.  Monique offered to take the orphan in, contacting the famous Costa Rica sloth sanctuary for advice (see video of the Costa Rica sanctuary here).  That one small step of fostering a single orphaned animal eventually led her to form the Green Heritage Fund Suriname.  She now runs several projects with Conservation International and in 2015 was selected by CNN to be one of their “CNN Heroes.”

Watch as she and other rescue workers save 200 sloths from a single deforested plot of land.  The sloths literally hang all around the inside of her home and in backyard enclosures for several days to several months, waiting to be transported to safe forest that will never be destroyed.

Here is a longer video from Conservation International highlighting Monique’s work.

And finally, Monique’s TedTalk about her sloths and how similar they are to women.  Who knew that sloths were so intelligent and nurturing?  🙂



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