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Grey-Headed Flying Fox Stuffs Her Face with Grapes

Tolga Bat Hospital rescues and rehabilitates numerous species of bats.

This pregnant grey-headed flying fox was found almost dead, but she was able to be released after 6 weeks of round-the-clock care at Tolga Bat Hospital in Atherton, Australia.  Who knew that bats could be so incredibly cute?!?  🙂

As with all animal rescue centers, hours are long and pay is low, with volunteers often paying for
necessities out of their own pockets. This fascinating video shows a typical day in the life of
Tolga Bat Hospital.

Honestly, I had never heard of a “microbat” before.


And who knew that it is easiest to care for baby bats if you swaddle them like little bat burritos and comfort them with pacifiers, just like human babies?



Or that you need to hang them out to dry after their baths, just like the laundry.  🙂

However, this next video is very difficult to watch.  The dedicated Tolga volunteers rescued 108 flying foxes in one day.  I had no idea that barbed wire harms bats.  The extent of this horror reminds me of the sloth sanctuary in Suriname that had to take in 200 homeless sloths all at once (see video here) when their patch of forest was destroyed by bulldozers.

Like Monique Pool in Suriname, the women in this video are absolute heroes!


Tolga Bat Hospital

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