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71 Years Young and Still Saving Roos

A Former Australian Nurse Dedicates Her Life to Animal Rehabilitation.

Margaret Howley is a former nurse who has been rehabilitating injured animals in Australia for the past 35 years. Dehydrated, injured and orphaned baby animals stay in her home in the Hunter area, north of Sydney, while older animals getting ready for release stay in pens in her yard.  Currently, Margaret is taking care of 20 Eastern grey kangaroos, with the baby roos staying in cloth pouches hung from a table in a corner of her home.  As with most wildlife rehabilitators, her wards require 24/7 care and out of pocket expenses strain her pension.  Still, the adage “Who rescued who?” applies to Margaret and her roos.  She is a widow now, and her animals help to rescue her from loneliness and bring her life great joy and meaning.

Hunter Wildlife Rescue, a non-profit animal rescue organization in New South Wales also helps with funding Margaret’s rehabilitation efforts in addition to doing animal search and rescue after natural and manmade disasters.  If you would like to sponsor an animal or otherwise help with expenses, you can contact them at their website here.  To see a gallery of pictures of recently rescued animals, go here.


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