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The Full Story of Christian, the Lion Cub

This is the Full Story of Christian, the Lion Cub from Harrods.

Christian was bought at Harrods department store as a cub.  He was born a 5th generation zoo lion.  Christian was very lucky that when he grew too large, his owners loved him enough to set him free in Africa with the help of the great wildlife conservationist, George Adamson. His owners could have taken the easy route out of their predicament and sent Christian to a zoo instead. It is amazing that even in adulthood, as a wild lion in Africa, Christian remembered and was friendly with his former owners.

This is the touching story of Christian’s journey from being a Harrods department store merchandise item to a proud and free, wild African lion.



Here is a much shorter version of the documentary, set to music.


Additional related information:

The documentary briefly touches on the story of George and Joy Adamson and the lion cub Elsa from the movie “Born Free.”  It was the actor and actress from that movie (Virginia McKenna and Bill Travers) who put Christian’s owners in contact with George Adamson and who let Christian stay at their estate while waiting for permission from the Kenyan government to allow Christian’s release in Kenya.

Tragically, Joy was murdered in 1980 in Shaba National Park in Kenya by a disgruntled laborer who she had recently fired because she suspected him of having stolen a camera. Shockingly, George was also murdered just 9 years later in 1989 by poachers in Kora National Park in Kenya.

Joy Adamson’s ashes were divided into two parts and buried in Meru National Park, half next to the grave of Elsa the lioness and half next to the grave of Pippa the cheetah, cubs that Joy had raised.  George Adamson is buried in Kora National Park near his brother and two of their beloved lion friends.

Movie Trailers for Born Free and Living Free:

Here are trailers for the movie “Born Free” (1966) and the sequel Living Free (1972) based upon the books of the same name written by Joy Adamson.  I encourage you to watch the full movies (not available on YouTube, but available online on Amazon Instant Video and Vudu and on DVD at Netflix).  You will need a box of tissues by your side.

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