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Odd Animal Friendships: Bears, Wolf and Huskies

Finnish Photographer Lassi Rautiainen Documents Extraordinary Friendship.

We’ve seen odd animal friendships in captivity, when animals are raised together or have no companionship with one of their own species.   But documented animal friendships in the wild are rare.   Finnish photographer, Lassi Rautiainen, who runs Wildlife Safaris Finland Oy in Kuhmo, Finland discovered a wild female wolf and male bear who seemed inseparable.  He was able to watch and photograph the animals for 10 days.  The wolf and bear came together every evening at 8pm and stayed together until 4am, often playing together and sharing meals.

Here is a wonderful photo montage showing the close bond between the two animals.


Polar Bears Who Are Friends With Huskies:

A similar extraordinary friendship between wild polar bears and huskies on the shore of Hudson Bay, Canada was documented by the BBC.  I simply can’t get over the sight of a giant polar bear hugging a husky with no intention of devouring it!

From the BBC:


From Jailed Polar Bear on



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Jailed Polar Bear on

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