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Viral Video of Elk Traffic Jam

Elk Abundances Are Still Sufficient To Snarl Traffic.

Estes Park, Colorado, located near Rocky Mountain National Park is home to abundant herds of elk during the elk rutting season that lasts from mid-September through mid-October.  As a result, Estes Park regularly experiences elk traffic jams during the rutting season.  In fact, elk are so common during the fall months, that the city holds an annual Elk Festival “to celebrate the large elk population with live music, Native American performances, educational seminars, elk-themed shopping, a beer garden, elk-viewing tours,” and an elk bugling competition (for humans, not for the elk).  🙂

This video, taken October 1, 2015, in Estes Park has gone viral.
Watch as elk as big as mid-sized cars take over the intersection and bring traffic to a screeching halt.


Elk Attack Cars in Yellowstone

Should you decide to visit a location with resident elk, you definitely want to stay in your car when they are around, and in fact, you will want to keep your car as far away from the elk as possible, as this shocking safety video from the Yellowstone National Park Service shows.



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