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Several Videos Showing Why You Need to Be Careful Kayaking in the Kelp!

This Animal Surprised Unsuspecting Kayakers.  The Kayakers Were Very Lucky Not to Be Harmed.

Several incidents around the world in the past year highlight why one needs to be careful kayaking in the open ocean and why one needs to maintain a respectful distance from bait balls and diving seabirds.  Someone with a big mouth is lurking below driving those fish into a ball and to the surface and you may unknowingly be in the way.

Moss Landing, California

This past month just outside the harbor at Moss Landing, California, kayakers got too close to a pod of humpback whales.  Watch what happens next.  These kayakers are lucky to be alive.

The video was shot by Sanctuary Cruises passenger Larry Plants.


Southern California

And earlier this year in southern California, 2 kayakers were sitting in a kelp bed when the sea around them began to roil and pelicans and other sea birds began diving into the bait ball that was being driven to the surface by a large mouth below.   These kayakers were also lucky not to have been tossed into the water and slapped by a very large tail.

Port Madryn, Argentina

A year ago, 2 kayakers intentionally paddled far too close to a pod of whales off of Puerto Madryn, Argentina.  One of the whales made a rather direct statement to the kayakers that I’m sure they won’t forget.

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